Our Fleet

This is the list of every aircraft we operate here at MidwestVA. Every aircraft has an expanded page with additional information. Every aircraft is airline specific (Midwest MD80s are seperate from AirCal MD80s).

Aircraft Code Max Pax Cruise Speed Ceiling Engine Range Fleet Count
Douglas DC-9-15
DC91 60 488kts 35,000ft JT8D-1 1,300nm 9 more info
Douglas DC-9-32
DC93 84 488kts 35,000ft JT8D-1 1,500nm 16 more info
McDonnell Douglas MD-81
MD81 143 499kts 37,000ft JT8D-217A 2,051nm 8 more info
McDonnell Douglas MD-82
MD82 143 500kts 37,000ft JT8D-217A 2,050nm 3 more info
McDonnell Douglas MD-88
MD88 139 500kts 37,000ft JT8D-217A 2,550nm 4 more info
Boeing 717-200
B712 99 500kts 37,000ft BR715-A1-30 1,430nm 25 more info
Embraer 170
E170 76 470kts 41,000ft GE CF34-8E 2,150nm 13 more info
Embraer 190
E190 99 470kts 41,000ft GE CF34-10E 2,450nm 11 more info
Beechcraft 1900D
B190 19 300kts 25,000ft PT6A-67D 382nm 4 more info
Dornier 328JET
J328 32 405kts 35,000ft PW306B 3,705nm 12 more info
Bombardier CRJ200
CRJ2 50 460kts 41,000ft GE CF34-3B1 1,345nm 12 more info
Embraer ERJ-135
E135 37 450kts 37,000ft AE 3007-A3 1,300nm 6 more info
Embraer ERJ-145
E145 50 450kts 37,000ft AE 3007-A1 1,550nm 7 more info
Cessna 208 Grand Caravan
C208 1 200kts 25,000ft PT6A-114A 1,070nm 29 more info
Embraer 120
E120 30 300kts 29,800ft PW-118A 945nm 2 more info
Airbus A330-200
A332 246 0kts 0ft nm 4 more info
Airbus A330-300
A333 300 0kts 0ft nm 10 more info
Airbus A350-1000
A35K 387 513kts 41,450ft Rolls-Royce Trent XWB 8,400nm 3 more info
Airbus A340-600
A346 380 470kts 41,100ft Trent 556 7,550nm 20 more info
Boeing 747-400
B744 416 504kts 0ft 7,285nm 8 more info
Boeing 787-900
B789 262 516kts 43,000ft 7,635nm 17 more info
Boeing 737-100
B731 85 473kts 37,000ft JT8D-7 1,540nm 2 more info
Boeing 737-200
B732 102 473kts 37,000ft JT8D-8 2,600nm 20 more info
Boeing 737-300
B733 126 473kts 37,000ft CFM56-3 2,060nm 8 more info
BAe 146
B462 100 426kts 35,000ft Lycoming ALF 502R-5 1,970nm 6 more info
McDonnell Douglas MD-80
MD80 155 472kts 0ft JT8D-200 2,050nm 8 more info
Saab 340
SF34 34 0kts 25,000ft General Electric CT7-9B 935nm 14 more info
Bombardier CRJ-700
CRJ7 78 0kts 0ft GE CF34-8C5B1 1,378nm 5 more info